The Boys Are Officially Tattoo Crazy

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now the crazy collection of tattoos the boys have collected, but does anyone know how many they all really have?

Obsessed! Harry Styles revealed the full extent of his love of tattoos as he went shirtless during a break in Barcelona, Spain, on Tuesday

The picture on the left is of Harry in Barcelona recently, and the picture on the right was of Harry in Australia, back in April 2012, a bit more than a year ago.

It seems like Harry and Zayn are having a battle over who can get the most pointless tattoos. Even Louis and Liam are participating…

But it would seem that Niall remains innocent and tattooed. We don’t think he cares much though,

Have a compiled list of the boys tattoos? Comment below :)

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A Complete Guide To Zayn Malik’s Tattoos

We were updating the boy’s pages (You can find them here) and we noticed that Zayn has A LOT of tattoos. So we thought, ‘hey why not make a post about all of them?’

So this is it.

The Directioners Guide to Zayn Malik’s Various Tattoos

Catchy name huh? ;)


1.) “Walter”

The first stop on our tour is Zayn’s first tattoo. It’s Arabic for ‘Walter’, his grandfather’s name located on the right side on his chest.


2.) The Yin Yang

Zayn’s second tattoo is the yin yang symbol located on his left wrist. The yin yang is a Chinese symbol representing balance between the two forces in life. Deep bud…




3.) The Crossed Fingers

Zayn’s third tattoo is the crossed fingers on his right forearm that is supposed to mean good luck.




4.) The Deck Of Cards

Zayn’s fourth tattoo is a deck of cards on the right side of his chest, on his rib cage. Underneath the crown located in the middle, are his initials, ZM.




5.) The Jigsaw Puzzle

Most people forget about this tattoo because it is so small. Zayn’s fifth tattoo is a small jigsaw puzzle on his right elbow. It’s meaning is currently undetermined, although it may be there just to screw with people’s heads. ;)


6.) The ‘Born Lucky’/Heart

So originally, Zayn had a tattoo that was a Chinese symbol that meant ‘Born Lucky’. He has since covered it up with a large heart for reasons unknown.




7.) The New Zealand Fantail

During their stay in New Zealand, Zayn got his seventh tatto, a silver fern, on his neck. The fern is the national symbol of New Zealand, and also means Good Luck.



8.) ‘Be True To Who You Are’

Zayn’s eighth tattoo is located on his collarbone, and is also in Arabic. Zayn told twitter that it means ‘Be True To Who You Are’ and serves as a constant reminder to him to not change despite his time in the lime light.



9.) The Microphone

Zayn’s most recent tattoo is a large microphone on his right forearm. The microphone also appears to be to scale.




Wow. That took forever. Kid has A LOT of tattoos. They’re some rumors going around that he is going to get a sleeve… hmmm.

Well… Hope this helped a bit :)

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